The New Textbook

Encouraged by the success of the students who have used Calculus: Dynamic Mathematics, Volume 1, I created this new textbook. This is an adaptation of the material in Volume 1, designed specifically for students taking AB. The book includes only the topics found in the AP Calculus AB course description, plus a few other extra topics.

Those extra topics are Euler’s method, logistic differential equations, integration by partial fractions, l’Hopital’s rule, and hyperbolic functions. These were included to give AB students a more well-rounded view of the applications and uses of calculus.

I used this book for the first time in 2011-2012. I now no longer teach this course, but the book is still in use at my school. 

The former textbook

Dissatisfied with the lack of AP-style problems in the then-current textbook, I undertook the development of a Problem Book to supplement the text. The Problem Book was designed to aid in the study of AP Calculus. However, the usefulness of the Problem Book soon made the textbook redundant. The AP Calculus Problem Book became the sole text in my calculus classes.

From the back cover:

“This book contains over 3000 problems designed to assist your learning of Advanced Placement Calculus. This book is may be used as a supplement to a standard calculus textbook, or it can be adapted for use as a main text. The first five chapters constitute problems ideally suited to correspond to an AP Calculus AB course. The first seven chapters constitute an AP Calculus BC course. Also included are Calculus Labs adapted from the MAA's “Learning by Discovery: a Lab Manual for Calculus”, a section including Challenge Problems, a chapter of supplemental review material, a chapter of problems for exploration after the AP Exam, an appendix of formulas, as well as sample AP-style tests with scoring rubrics.”

The Problem Book provides preparation for AP Calculus AB or BC, although for the the 10-11 and 11-12 school years I used it solely for AB.

The syllabus

The syllabus for my Calculus AB course corresponds to chapters and sections in the Problem Book.

Including the new course “Magnet Calculus I,” I have taught the AP Calculus AB content each year since the 02-03 school year.
“Calculus: Dynamic Mathematics, For AB” fourth edition
305 pp., with answers and an index. Hardcover: $42.95, PDF: $24.95
“The AP Calculus Problem Book” 

383 pp., softcover, with answers to problems, $31.95.